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Booking For Themed Functions
The mansion is also available, in its entirety, for themed functions – such as weddings, dinners and seminars – and each event is individually planned and tailored to suit your needs and budget.

Rentals range from RM 3500.00RM 14000.00 depending on size of function, area required and length of time. This does not include food and incidentals such as music, tables, chairs, crockery, etc. We can arrange these separately for you with appropriate caterers.

You are also able to rent the entire house, inclusive of all guest bedrooms and function rooms for your very special occasion. We can house up to 38 persons in the 16 guest bedrooms; we provide breakfast; and can arrange catering to suit your needs. Prices start from as low as RM 14000.00 for a night for bedrooms, function rooms and breakfast.

Want a piece of history to accompany your own historic moments?

The Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion has played host to many a unique event.
Concert performances, theatrical and dramatic pieces, exhibitions, dinner parties and of course, weddings – just to name a few.

With our team of planners, let us help you tailor an event that will remain a topic of conversation, long after the last flute of champagne is emptied and that final piece of music has faded into the background……or that last round of mahjong, is played out.

One of the few places in Malaysia where you can rent an entire house, the Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion can be all yours; complete with kitchens, bedrooms, halls and courtyards for a truly private event. Just you, the family, your guests and no one else. With the capacity to house up to 38 persons, think of family gatherings & reunions, picture-perfect weddings, fabulous parties and the most unique company retreats.

Do what comes to mind…. Sit down to a mahjong session, we’ll take care of supper. Listen the house reverberate to the sounds of clattering tiles, peals of laughter and the delight of grandchildren who may discover that playing ‘Hide & Seek’, will never ever be the same again.

A dream wedding? Come and sit down with us to plan your most memorable day and night. Turn your wedding into a veritable midsummer night’s dream replete with tropical flowers, a menu deserving of a royal banquet and if flights of fancy demand it, dance the night away in our Central Courtyard until the night-sky above you, turns light. We’ve done it all when it comes to weddings. Don’t just
dream it; make an appointment with us and we’ll show you just how real that dream can be.

Corporate Retreats like no other. Mix business with pleasure by bringing your office to Penang’s most famous heritage home-stay. See conferences and seminars in a totally different light. We invite you to talk shop in a Boardroom that was once upon a time, reserved solely for the Rockefeller of the East. And for seminars, imagine an Upper Hall flanked by gilt mirrors, ancient tapestries and illuminated by an exquisite chandelier that descends from a Victorian Ceiling. We can seat 120 persons in cool comfort to create a seminar-environment that defies all norms. And while we may appear locked in the past, be informed that if need be, we can make available, the latest in state-of-the-art AV Equipment and even wireless-internet connections for a truly impactful corporate event.


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  Asia Pacific Heritage Awards 2000
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